In late 2010, Luis Calil, a college philosophy dropout based in Goiânia, Brazil, started writing songs and learning to mix/master what would become Cambriana’s debut album. An instant hit, Rolling Stone Brazil said, “the so impressive it’s almost frightening." 

Their new album, Manaus Vidaloka, is the culmination of Calil and bassist/songwriter Pedro Falcão’s work between 2014 and 2017- intensely studying the styles of legends Fela Kuti, Thomas Mapfumo, and more to create a new language of polyrhythmic art-rock/afrofusion that explores how humans influence and are affected by the looming death of all things.

Stream their new single "Lucifer," recently added to two official Spotify playlists, and get ready for  Manaus Vidaloka to drop on August 24th.