Anna Wang

Anna Wang speaks the language of pop. A four-on-the-floor beat, a shimmery synth hook, a jangly guitar loop, a lilting vocal melody — all are second nature for the versatile singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Her DIY debut album, In Your Head, created a major splash upon release, resulting in a flurry of festival performances, TV bookings, press, and commissions from other artists for her vocals, productions, and songwriting skills.

Now Anna is following up the success of her 2017 debut album and April 2018's standalone single "New Religion" with the release of gloomy, synthpop anthem, "Hindsight," about the painful, cathartic moment you cut off a poisonous relationship with a loved one.

"Hindsight" will drop August 31st so keep an eye on Anna's social media for updates on the release and accompanying music video, plus kitten pics and the day to day of building her modular synth.